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Hand Chain Hoists / Chain Block

Quality engineered and performance tested chain hoist

Strong and reliable lifting equipment

  • Thick, pressed steel gear and wheel covers, which are resistant to external shock and able to work under extreme and arduous conditions. The hand wheel is Fully enclosed self-activating load brake with asbestos-free friction discs.
  • Durable, heat-treated, compact and convenient hooks that swivel 360 degrees.
  • Top and bottom hooks are drop-forged and are fracture-resistant. When overloaded they will open gradually as a safety indicator, rather than reaching ultimate breaking strength and dropping the load.
  • Unique “Latch” forged safety latches fitted to top and bottom hooks can withstand up to 30 percent side loading.
  • Double pawl mechanism for reliable fail-safe breaking,even with the hoist operating at an angle.
  • Load chain guide mechanism and chain stripper to facilitate smooth movement and trouble-free operation.
  • Chain stopper to prevent failure due to excessive lowering.
  • World-renowned ultra-strong electroplated load chain to resist wear and corrosion.
  • Hand chain is galvanized with no sharp edges to prevent corrosion as well as smooth operation through user’shands.
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