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The Perfect Connection with Double Benefit - As a connector or hook

connector for textile lifting equipment

Functional Details:

  • Suitable as connector for textile lifting equipment
  • For secure attachment to lifting points
  • Extra robust: Forged steel of special grade 8-Plus
  • Skeleton principle (up to 3 t-version)saves weight and makes the handling easier
  • Forged safety latch for longer lifetime
  • Colour corresponds with EN 1492colour code


A Hook with Double Benefits
Joker hooks are the ideal supplement for your round slings and lifting belts. They can either be used to increase the length of your lifting equipment or as hook, which ensures a safe connection with lifting points. By using Joker Hooks, within a short time frame, multi-leg slings can be created. The Joker hook is especially designed to be used with textile lifting equipment.

lifting equipment

Safety first
The forged steel used is of a special 8-Plus grade and therefore extremely robust. The construction of the joker according to the skeleton principle saves weight and makes the handling easy. The Joker hooks are painted in the same colour as the equivalent textile lifting equipment in order to avoid the mix-up of different tonnages.

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