VIP-round steel link chain - Grade 10

Product enquiry

VIP stamped chains are manufactured with tighter tolerances in the inner width (size B) and are coated with an indicative fluorescent pink colour.

The approval of RUD´s special quality VIP by the BG is documented in short chain link intervals. The BG authorised RUD to stamp their VIP chain strands with the following:

  • H1 indicating the manufacturer´s number. 1=RUD.
  • 10 indicating special quality grade 10

Quality Verification:
At regular intervals the chains are stamped with a serial and batch number. This identification possibility ensures a continuous record tracking of the manufacturing and proof load data, even after a period of 10 years. After all we stick to our VIP quality.


VIP-round steel link chain

The geometric construction and tolerances of the VIP-chains are aligned to a higher quality class.

  • Material : CrNiMo-high grade steel, specially hardened and tempered, high toughness.
  • Min. ultimate elongation : for natural black and for the pink coated surface ones is atleast 25% and 20% respectively.
  • Less sensitive to notching and hydrogen embrittlement than quality grade 8.
  • The bending test according to the standard specifications of DIN EN 818-2-8, bending min. F=0.8xd is by far exceeded.
  • The ratio of the WLL to the manufacturing proof load and to the breaking strength is given by 1 : 2,5 : 4

Owing to a special heat treatment procedure developed by RUD, the highly dynamic RUD VIP-chains are less sensitive to external mechanical frictional-wear and to damages. This ensures an increment of the VIP-chain´s life expectancy .

Product Code: VMK