Lifting Points for bolting - Load Ring - RBG

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... for bolting with patented relief lugs

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG

The relief lugs protect the securing bolt against bending and schearing loads. This provides additional safety.

Stowable with smaller bolts and thus low profile. A forged ring according to EN 1677-1, quality grade 80, electromagnetic crack detected and coloured red. It is in compliance with the approval requirements of the respective employers' liability insurance association (BG).

Mounting instructions:

Only the provided crack detected bolts should be used. Make sure the bolting surface is plain.

Work piece material, at least 1.0037 (St 37). For leight metals, nonferrous heavy metals and grey cast iron, the thread type allocation must be done in such a way that, the WLL of the thread type fulfils the requirements of the respective work piece.

Eye Plate-threaded RBG-3
Scribing and drilling according to the tolerance range of RBG (refer to the scale drawing). 1. First scribe a pocket hole - relief bore size "F" drill and countersink according to the sizes "H, G, K". 2. After inserting and adjusting the bolting blocks straight, the bore for the taped hole can be drilled. 3.Drill the core hole and cut the thread. Drill only size "H" for through bolts. With the underlying securing laminations, tighten up and secure the bolts with a torque of 120 ± Nm. Impact loaded or when operated in environments with vibrations, unintentional loosening can happen. Securing possibilities: Use of a liquid thread securing medium eg. Loctite ( follow the manufacturer`s recomendations) or the positive bolt securing eg. castellated nut with a split pin, counter nut e.t.c. After being used over a longer period of time, inspect the bolts to make sure they are still tight.
  • Relief lugs up to 16 t. Protect the securing bolts against bending- and shearing loads. This ensures additional safety!
  • Smaller bolt and a low profile due to the pivoting ring.
  • RUD special bolts (inner- and outer hexagon), 100 % crack detected with special corrosion protection Deltaton.
  • Tension bolts to recommended torque (120 Nm) and secure with locking tabs supplied.
  • For sealing and securing of the bolts, Loctite 270 for example can be used.
  • Check tightness of bolts at regular intervals.
  • Workpiece material at least 1.0037 (St 37-2) S235JR.
  • Refer to RUD user instruction!

Mounting instructions:

  • Use RUD special bolts only.
  • Mount on plane bolting surfaces!
  • Scribing and drilling acc. to tolerance range of RBG:
    1. First scribe pocket hole - relief bores size „F“, drill and countersink acc. to sizes „H, G, K“.
    2. After fitting and straight adjustment of the bolting blocks, the bore for the tapped hole can be drilled.
    3. Drill core hole and cut tapped hole. For through bolts, drill size „H“ only.

Product Code: RBG

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