Load Ring bolted - VLBG

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...will turn 360°

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG

With a fully captive but easy to demount 100% crack detected hexagon head cap bolt.

Load ring is stowable and swivels in all directions. The load ring must be flexible and adjusted to the load direction before being loaded. Ensure that there is no contact between the ring and the edges of the work piece. Avoid swiveling under full load.

A single threaded hole or a through hole is necessary. A very small construction. Choose the attachment points in such a way that the introduced forces are accomodated by the base material without being deformed.

Work piece material, at least 1.0037 (St 37). For light metals, nonferrous heavy metals and grey cast iron, the thread type allocation must be done in such a way that, the WLL of the thread type fulfils the requirements of the respective work piece. Make sure the bolting surface is plain. Ensure an appropriate bore depth to facilitate an optimal sitting of the engaging surface. For a single transportation procedure, bolting in and fastening tightly with a flat wrench is enough.

standard load ring

Without a washer, the seat - engaging surface of the VLBG must completely lie onto the surface of the work piece (ØA). Is the VLBG to be permanently loaded, it must be tightened with a torque of (+/- 10%) 30 Nm. In a tightened condition 360° swiveling should be ensured.

When impact loaded or operated in environments with skewing and vibrations, unintentional loosening can happen, especially if through bolts with nuts are used. Securing possibilities: Use of a liquid thread securing medium eg. Loctite ( follow the manufacturer´s recomendations) or positive bolt securing for example using a castellated nut with a split pin, counter nut etc

  • RUD Universal bolts and nuts for VLBG - 100 % crack detected!
  • The hex-head-bolt is suitable for internal and external wrench mounting for types with metric threads.
  • Surface protection: CORRUD - DT - at least 20 times better corrosion protection than zinc plating (except for the spot face) after length shortening.
  • Thread over whole bolting length „H“.
  • Bolt is held captive in the body. Replace only with the same quality class bolt.
  • Clear identification at the bolt head: RUD, thread size, quality class.
  • Theloadringmustbeinstalledperpendiculartotheworkpiece.Theworkpiecemust be flat, providing complete contact for the load ring bushing.
  • Load ring has to be adjusted in pull direction, free to move, and must not support on edges.
  • Use acc. to hints for installation and by trained persons (see page 39).
  • The lifting attachment must be free to move when attached to the load ring!
  • Regular inspections should be carried out by a competent person (BGR 500).
  • Load should not be turned during lifting.
Product Code: VLBG