RUD-Thread-adapter for RUD lifting points

Product enquiry

Thread adapters should only be used as a reducer for already existing threads to allow the attachment of high tensile RUD lifting points. The thread adapters ae marked with the inside and outside thread diameters.

Attention: Never use DIN 580 or standard type eyebolts in combination with RUD thread adapters!

The WLL of the adapter is matched to the WLL of the RUD lifting point. The thread adapter provides spanner flats for a wrench, a goove for a hook spanner and a hole for an assembly pin.

RUD Thread Adapter

Care must be taken to ensure that the thread adapter is fully engaged and that the shoulder of the adapter accurately meets the bolt-on surface of the work piece. If the thread adapter is permanently installed on the work pice, RUD recommends applying the same torque as that stated for the RUD lifting point.

To avoid misuse in combination with DIN 580 or standard type eye bolts, RUD recommends to secure the high tensile RUD lifting point into the thread adapter with ´Locite´ or similar.

Generally, all lifting points which are permanently on the work piece, should always be secured, e.g. with ´Locite´ or similar

Lifting Points

It often happens that the transport object has already thread holes for provided DIN-Eye bolts. When high tensile lifting points for bolting should be used, the holes are often too big and therefore, larger lifting points are used than necessary.
The RUD-thread-adapter offers the perfect solution. The outer thread is adjusted to the provided thread and the inner thread is adjusted to the new thread of the boltable lifting point. This saves adjustments or expensive purchases.

Product Code: ASPA-M