PowerPoint® Load Ring VLBS Series

Product enquiry

An enhancement of the well-established LBS series of lifting hooks supplied by RUD with an up to 50% increment of the WLL

The new VLBS ring bracket is forged out of the high strength material CrNiMo with 2 patented inner supporting lugs. It provides an optimal sitting of the hook and offers better protection for the clamping springs. Given an inclined or a non - parallel welding surface, the support effect is extremely improved.

Pink powder coating both a VIP identification charachteristic and a heat indicator. An easy and quick to weld assembly. High dynamic and static strength.

The pink coated ring bracket is manufactured and tested according to EN 1677-1 and meets the approval requirements of the respective safety authorities.

The welding block is forged out of a good welding material 1.0577+N (St 52-3) and clearly stamped with an identification number for the permissible WLL. The distance lugs are for the measurement and provision of the the required gap for the root welding (approx. 3mm). Important: The weld arrangement (continuous HV weld) fulfils the requirements of DIN 18800 i.e. the closed weld avoids corrosion and is thus suitable for outdoor use.

A protected spring keeps the ring bracket in every required position without tipping and it also reduces vibration induced noise . The parts captively held together.

Welding should only be carried out by qualified persons according to EN 287-1.