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Roundsling tackle

Complete control of your load

If you have fixed lifting points on your loads, choosing the right slinging gear is an easy matter: Roundsling tackle can be adapted with little effort to all situations.

Well secured

This is why, when it comes to roundslings, SpanSet combines its textile lifting gear with high-quality forged components. The high- tensile connectors have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1677 and comply with Quality Class 8. Within the connector, the roundsling supports the weight across its whole width, thus excluding dangerous point overloading. This combination ensures highest lifting capacity of up to 63 t.

Hooked on safely

The hooks for the roundslings are forged from high-grade steel. The alloy used is highly resilient and permits a compact construction of the hook with optimum throat opening. This makes inserting the hook at the lifting points extremely convenient.

Easily changed

If parts do get damaged, you do not need to replace the complete suspension gear. Due to the tried and tested modular system, you can replace each component individually, be it a roundsling, a connector or a hook. This saves material costs and allows you to work with complete safety at all times. And keeping tabs on your roundsling suspension gear is even easier with the RFID transponder for the EPC which is available on request.

Reliably protected

To increase their service life, all models of SpanSet roundslings are covered with an additional protective sleeve. Sleeves, colour- coded for lifting capacity in accordance with DIN EN, are sewn on and increase abrasion resistance while at the same time improving handling by making the roundsling more compact.

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