PHILIP P Magnetic Recess Former

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The PHILIPP Magnetic Recess Formers are used to fix PHILIPP Threaded Anchors and PHILIPP Lifting Inserts onto the steel mould.The use of PHILIPP Magnetic Recess Formers ensures a safe hold of the threaded anchor or insert at the steel mould. Depending on the intended use different adhesion forces can be chosen. For normal loads we suggest an adhesion force of 105 kg per magnet. High loads (e.g. horizontal anchor installation) are covered with adhesion forces of 190 kg per magnet. Depending on the application the magnets are available as glued or welded version.

The PHILIPP Magnetic Recess Formers (Table 1 and Table 2 - Product Features) can be combined with the PHILIPP Lifting Loop with Threaded End. For the use of PHILIPP Wirbelstar the PHILIPP Recess Formers (Wirbelstar) are available (see different data sheet) also as magnetic version. The particular data are listed in the data sheet for PHILIPP Recess Formers (Wirbelstar).

The recesses of the PHILIPP Magnetic Recess Formers can be covered with sealing caps made from stainless steel. These sealing caps have the same dimensions like the PHILIPP Magnetic Recess Formers. Depending on the customer request the sealing caps are available with slot or internal hexagon (Table 3-6).

To ensure an effortless loosening of the magnetic recess formers it is recommended to oil the magnetic body and the thread. To avoid rotation of the threaded adapter the threaded anchor or insert must be connected with the magnet prior fixing it onto the mould (attention: please screw the threaded adapter in a way that it is hand-tight). Please pay attention that the threaded insert has contact with the magnetic recess former. If it is required to move the magnet please use a plastic hammer or hammer shaft. It is not allowed to use the threaded anchor as lever arm because the magnetic recess former could be damaged.

The area of adhesion must be kept clean and unevenness must be removed so that the adhesion force is not reduced. Any heating of the magnetic recess former is inadmissible because the magnetic structure can be destroyed.

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