PHILIPP Cast-in Lifting Hoop

Product enquiry

The cast-in lifting hoops embedded in concrete can transfer very high loads and are therefore appropriate for heavy and massive units. The steel wire ends of the hoops are crimped and consist of blank or galvanised steel. A special lifting device is not required.

Your advantages:

  • Ideal solution for extremely heavy and massive components (e.g. roof trusses, braces and bridge supports)
  • Standard staggered load capacity in 14 load level to 25t possible (also special production to 99t)
  • No installation tools needed
  • No special load handling equipment needed. The hooks can be directly connected to the attaching equipment
  • Flexible, high strength wire rope which adjusts to the tensile direction
  • Axial and diagonal loading possible

The PHILIPP Cast-in Lifting Hoop is part of the PHILIPP Transport Anchor Systems.

The use of the PHILIPP Cast-in Lifting Hoop requires the compliance with this installation instruction and of the general installation instruction.

The PHILIPP Cast-in Lifting Hoops is designed for the transport of precast units. Multiple uses within the transport chain (from production to installation of the unit) are no repeated uses. Repeated uses are inadmissible.

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