PHILIPP Nailing Plate

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The PHILIPP Nailing Plates are used to fix PHILIPP Threaded Transport Anchors, PHILIPP Threaded Insert and PHILIPP Lifting Insert onto the mould. Thereto nails are broken through the indicated nail holes (Picture 1). Finally, the PHILIPP Threaded Transport Anchor can be turned on. The PHILIPP Nailing Plate can also be glued on the mould (Picture 2).

The PHILIPP Nailing Plate Standard (Table 1) can be combined with the lifting devices PHILIPP Lifty and PHILIPP Lifting Loop with Threaded End. For the use of PHILIPP Wirbelstar the PHILIPP Recess Formers made from steel (separate data sheet) are recommended. These recess formers are also available as plastic version for the sizes Rd36 to Rd52 (Table 2).

The recesses of PHILIPP Nailing Plates can be sealed with caps made from stainless steel. These are aligned with the dimensions of the nailing plate. Depending on the customer request the sealing caps are available with slot or internal hexagon.

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