RUD-ID-Point 8 mm / 4 mm

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Press-fitted transponder (in metal). No adhesive required. Size: Ø 8 mm x 3,25 mm (5/16” X 1/8”) The usage of RUD-ID-Points® (RFID-Chips) embedded into a hole of a lifting and conveying safety component is protected by a patent.

The exclusive and unbeatable RUD-ID-Point® can withstand difficult applications and extreme temperatures, applicable between -60° C (-76°F) and +300°C (572°). It also has a extreme high resistance against vibrations, water and pollution. There is no impairment of serviceability and capability of components due to the embedded RFID-Chip.

RUD-ID-Point® (RFID-Chip)

The innovative and unrivalled RUD-ID- POINT® performs in varied conditions ranging from -80°C temperatures to an astonishing +270°C. They hold a high level of water and pollution resistance and are extremely robust against damage.
The RFID-chip does not harm the capa- bility of the components of any kind.

RUD-ID-POINT® 8 mm or 4 mm (13.56 MHz HF): Press-fit transponder (in metal). No glue necessary. Size: 8 mm x 3.25 mm or 4 mm x 3.50 mm.

The usage of RFID-Chips embedded into a component is a patented tech- nological innovation.

Product Code: RUD-ID

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