Maxi RUD VIP Lifting Chains - up to 126 tons

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The Heavy Duty Solution

  • For the safe lift of heavy loads
  • Adjustable, edge wear resistant
  • Divisible, but lockable chain sling

Chain 28 x 84 Grade 100 For loads up to 126 t

Chain length can be easily adjusted manually


  • VIP >MAXI< VAK 1/2-28, for 1 and 2 legs with integrated chain connection for crane hooks up to size No. 50, with embossed WLL statement in the master link.
  • VIP >MAXI< Shortening Claw VV-28 with chain conserving pocket support and spring supported safety pin, no unintended releasing of the chain.
  • VIP >MAXI< Round Steel Chain 28 x 84, Grade 100 manu- factured from patented ICE-steel and suitable in low tempe- rature applications -60° C > 56 joule, 30 % higher surface hardness than Grade 80, replaces Grade 80 chain diameter 32. Surface CRUD-dsl or pink powder coated.
  • VIP >MAXI< VCGH-28, approved Cobra-Clevis Hook in light weight design.
  • VIP >MAXI< Endlink VB-28, e.g. for shackle connection VC-SCH-6.
Product Code: VAK 1/2-28, VV-28, VCGH-28, VB-28, VC-SCH-6,VVs-28,VBK-1/2-28, VIP-28 x 84, VC-SCH-6, VKZA-1S-28, VLE-28, VWBG 31.5, VRBS-Fix, Si-Set-VCGH-28