VIP- Multi- shortening claw VMVK (EP 0736150)

Product enquiry

Attention: Standard for shortening elements DIN 5692! All RUD shortening components do already fulfil these requirements.

After decades of success the RUD shortening claw has been further enhanced.

Fitted on a continuous chain strand at any required position.

Fitted permanently on the chain leg at any requi- red position, no additional chain coupling devices are required.

It can either be mounted or easily moved to any position along the chain leg.

The ideal link shaped chain pocket facilitates even wearing of the chain thus no reduction of the WLL. A robust safety bolt with spring prevents accidental loosening of the chain in both loaded and unloaded condition.

In case of a mounted but not firmly fixed VMVK, please adhere to the instructions marked ”Attention“ below.

Complies with DIN 5692.

Product Code: VMVK