VIP- Universal Swivel PP-UW Patent / VIP- Swivel connector VWA

Product enquiry

The following applies to both versions:

The BGR stipulates that twisted slings are not to be loaded. This requirement is automatically achieved by the ball bearing swivel - swivelling under load.

Not designed for continuous use.

VIP- Universal Swivel -PP-UW- Patent

Special universal swivel PowerPoint:

A patented clevis connection design hence a universal connection which is loadable from any direction and facilitates the shortest combination possibilities. Only RUD-approved VIP chains and components must be used.

1. VIP Cobra-Eye Hook VCÖH

2. B-Link for PowerPoint PP-(WLL)-B

Note: VIP chain connection is designed fool proof. When assembling component 1 and 2, please pay attention to the correct Working Load Limits.

Special VWA:

Due to the adapter bar, it can be fool-proof con- nected to all VIP clevis components. The sealed body makes it more resistant to dirt. Do not bend the appliance! The installation of the adapter should be done in such a way that no bending occurs during use. Supply is subject to stock availability. This type will soon be replaced.

Product Code: VWA, PP-UW

VIP- Swivel connector VWA