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Twinpath - The Ultimate Lifting Solution

The TWINPATH roundsling, developed by SecureLoad for lifting, is manufactured from a continuous loop of high-tenacity polyester yarn encased in a smooth, doubled-wall tightly woven cover without any edge seam. Because the load- bearing core yarns are encased by the cover, they are protected from cuts, abrasion, and the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays. Removal from service can be determined if the RED striped white core yarns can be seen through any holes or cuts in the cover. Most TWINPATH Round slings feature a cover made from the same type of yarns as the core, permitting a quick external examination to reveal any possible chemical damage that may have also affected the load-bearing core yarn which might require the slings’ removal from service.

Every 50mm there is a cross rib inserted to prevent the inner sleeve from slipping. This cross rib ensures that two of the layers are held together at all times. The benefit of the cross ribbing is that the two layers do not move independently from one another. Keeping in mind that the higher the capacity the thicker the sleeve.

SecureLoad is our premier brand for all lifting equipment.


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Sizing: Available from 1000 kg to 8000 kg.


  • colour coded for lifting sling capacity identification
  • double wall for longer lifting sling life
  • durable capacity tag for serial number traceability
  • red-striped white core warning yarns for indication for lifting sling replacement
  • low elongation (approx. 3%)
  • matched lengths
  • soft and light for easy rigging, handling and storage
  • no loss of strength from abrasions on cover
  • easily conforms to the shape of the load

Do not exceed rated capacity. Sling capacity decreases as the angle from horizontal decreases.

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