Carry it in comfort!

1 December 2010

How often have you been outdoors and you lost the picture or were unable to identify a bird because your binoculars or camera was not close at hand?

Well the guys at SecureTech have a solution, the binocular and camera harness; this nifty little device will enable you to walk outdoors with your equipment readily accessible and with your hands free at the same time enabling you to carry other equipment on a trail for example a walking stick. No more clumsy bags with shoulder straps and catches that move around as you walk.

The harness which is rated to carry up to 10 kilograms is made from a robust heavy duty low stretch woven elastic. It simply goes around each arm, over the shoulders and joins on the chest. Attachment to your camera or binoculars by means of a Lan-U-Loc (side release buckle combination with a braided rope) is not only quick but easy. A less expensive option is available made from woven polypropylene webbing with a snap hook/split ring attachment.

For stability the harness features an oil tanned leather brace which sits between one’s shoulder blades, the harness is fully adjustable as well offering an extremely comfortable fit with your camera or binoculars secure against your chest and always close to hand. This also prevents fatigue when on a trail as the weight of your camera or binoculars is supported across your shoulders as opposed to hanging from your neck, in addition when bending down the camera or binoculars are kept close to your chest and will not bang around or get in the way. Indeed an indispensible piece of equipment for the outdoor enthusiast!

Spare parts are available if required and SecureTech offer a lifetime repair warranty free of charge.

Click to view binocular and camera harness.