Dampen the danger!

11 August 2011

We were always taught to “dampen” a cable, rope or strap when attempting a vehicle recovery. A variety of options were used by the training “guru’s”, ranging from using a rope or strap wound around the recovering cable, strap or rope, or even in an emergency to use car mats or a jacket. All good and well but often these items fall off at the moment of recovery or the strap winds up in a winching exercise and becomes damaged.

SecureTech recently embarked on a series of demonstrations to show the effectiveness of the Recovery Safety Lanyard which amazed all who watched it in action, however the demonstrations also included the Recovery Blanket in use. This clever little piece of equipment is another safety essential. It’s not expensive, takes up minimal space, and once again reduces the risk of damage or injury to participants and vehicles.

As a rule of thumb one should use two blankets per recovery in a vehicle to vehicle situation, or even a self recovery exercise. They should be positioned close to each vehicle or the anchor point in the case of a self recovery. The blanket is made from eye catching orange PVC and carries all the necessary safety warnings. In the case of a winch recovery it also makes the cable distinguishable, which helps to keep bystanders clear.

After filling the pocket situated on the base of the blanket with sand, the cable, strap or rope is then fed through the Recovery Blanket. In the vent of a failure the weighted blanket is adequate to dampen the cable, rope or strap, thereby negating possible impact!

Although developed for recovery it’s a useful piece of equipment, one can lie on it, or spread tools or parts out when working on a car. In an emergency it can be filled with sand and rolled up to be used as a traction aid if stuck.