Don’t leave home without it!

21 February 2011

People say cars no longer break down yet how many times have you seen vehicle being towed on highways and major roads with strips of seat belt webbing, ski ropes and common rope all despite the legislation that specifies definite requirements!

The National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996) and the National Road Traffic Regulations published in Government Notice No. R.225 of 17 March 2000 stipulates the regulatory requirements for the towing of vehicles.

Per regulation number 330. “No person shall operate a vehicle on a public road towing another vehicle” if:
(a) the length of the tow rope, chain or tow bar between the two vehicles exceeds three and a half metres;
(b) the towed vehicle is connected to the towing vehicle in such a manner that both vehicles are not under control;

To meet these requirements SecureTech have manufactured a simple and inexpensive” Tow Strap”. It takes up minimal space and comes with a variety of specifications having a maximum breaking strength of either 2000kg. or 4000Kg. and meets the required length of 3,5 metres. A variety of shackles rated from 10 to 20 mm are available to suit most vehicles.