An innovation from SecureTech

24 August 2010

Traditionally, when joining two ropes or straps when extra length was required the experts told us to put a branch, rolled up newspaper or magazine in the loops to ensure that the two loops would not bind on each other when the material was stretched under the tension of the recovery. However what would happen if one is stuck in the bush without wood or reading material?

Fortunately for us SecureTech have come up with a simple, effective solution -the recovery link. Made out of layers of webbing aggressively stitched together the semi-rigid link takes the place of the branch or newspaper and what’s more it has a retention strap with a quick release fastener to ensure that it stays in place whilst the straps or ropes are not yet under tension.

It's simple and easy to use and being flat takes up minimal space, indeed an essential part of one's recovery kit. Once the two straps or ropes have been joined the link is inserted within the two loops and the retention strap is tightened, on completion of the recovery the link is simply removed and stored in the recovery kit bag. On this point Secure Tech would like to point out that it is not safe practice to join straps or ropes with a shackle as should a failure occur the shackle will become a potentially deadly missile!

Recommended retail price of the link ZAR 45.00 including Vat