It’s all in the label.

6 December 2010

There has been a flurry of activity on the internet lately around failed vehicle recoveries, vehicles have been severely damaged and in some cases people have even been injured.

As a result SecureTech have taken a good look at their product packaging and have upgraded their instruction leaflet as well as improving their product labelling to include a full set of guidelines as to the use of the ropes and straps in their range.

The bright yellow label is eye-catching and carries concise guidelines as to the utilisation of the product, “However we still advocate attending a professional recovery course and ensuring that your vehicle has adequate recovery points before attempting a recovery”, says Michael Green SecureTech’s MD.

In addition the sewn in section of the label carries key information as to the manufacture of the rope or strap- useful should a customer return a rope or strap to SecureTech for inspection or repair.

Labelled as a “safety notice” full product details in terms of the type of rope or strap as well as the length, vehicle mass and break strength are prominently displayed along with the General Instructions for use;

General Instructions for use.

  • Follow all safety and usage instructions, these are guidelines to recovery and we suggest that one should attend a professional recovery course.
  • Equipment instructions can be downloaded at or contact SecureTech directly.
  • Assist the recovery by digging out mud or sand or packing ruts before using a strap or rope.
  • Do not exceed the straps or rope’s work load limit as this will cause it to fail.
  • Never use a damaged strap or rope, if in doubt do not use this equipment.
  • Do not tie knots in a strap or rope as this will result in a loss of strength and damage the equipment.
  • Do not use with attachments that have a Work Load Limit lower than the strap or rope, ensure that there are adequate professionally fitted recovery points to the front and rear of all vehicles involved in the recovery.
  • Fittings with a Work Load Limit lower than the strap or rope used may break loose under strain and fly off at high speed, endangering the life of anyone in the vicinity or severely damaging vehicles.
  • Use Fedspec rated alloy bow shackles for attachment-the minimum Work Load limit should be not less than 2000kg. A range of shackles of 2 Tons to 6, 5 Tons should cover all recoveries. Rated shackles display the work load limit on the body.
  • Always drape a recovery blanket over the strap or rope whilst in use to absorb energy should a failure occur due to overloading.
  • Do not stand too close or in a direct line with a strap or rope whilst in use, recovery should take place in as straight a line as possible, with all participants well clear.
  • Attach the strap or rope directly to the vehicle frame or towing eye while protecting it from sharp edges, hot exhaust pipes or corrosive materials.
  • Do not attach a strap or rope to nudge bar, tow bar or tow hitch, unless it is specifically designed for recovery.
  • Never step over a strap or rope that is under tension.
  • Do not use for lifting
  • Equipment should be regularly inspected and cleaned after use.
  • Return to SecureTech for inspection and possible repair if in doubt.

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