Let SecureTech keep you organised.

07 March 2011

Ever been off-road and pressured for a quick meal or had to eat at night and you were unable to find a knife and fork in the depths of a “trommel”? Well SecureTech have the answer, “The Cutlery Organiser”. It’s a simple, easy to use piece of equipment that will prove to be invaluable on any trip, as well as on a picnic at the local dam.

Your cutlery, utensils and braai equipment are accommodated securely within the variable depth pockets of the Cutlery Organiser. After use it can be folded within itself and secured with Velcro tabs. Once folded up it stores away ready for the next meal.

The webbing straps and eyelets allow for easy attachment to a tree branch or the side of a vehicle making all equipment accessible. Indeed an indispensable piece of equipment for the next trans Africa expedition or picnic at the Zoo.