An outdoor essential

5 August 2011

Whether you are an ardent 4x4 enthusiast, an off-road biker or even a leisurely hiker, gloves should be an essential part of your kit.

They are not the prerogative of the hardened off-roader; in fact they have multiple uses outdoors! One should always ensure a snug fit which will protect you, yet still allow you to still feel what you are doing. There is nothing worse walking around a campsite or a recovery situation in an oversized pair of welding or gardening gloves, in fact the lack of feeling and bad fit can be unsafe!

Essential to off-roading, gloves are not only used for winching, they offer protection from heat when cooking and will protect you from thorns and insect bites when collecting firewood or moving rocks. The” garden or welding” variety often used are not recommended as a glove should fit comfortably and still allow “feeling” when working. Leather gloves offer abrasion protection that is hard to beat and the reinforced double palm not only offers extra protection when winching but also increases durability. The solid eyelets and aluminium karabiner allow one to join the gloves and attach them to belt loops, within your vehicle, garage or recovery bag. This ensures ease of access when you need them

SecureTech gloves have all these features and come in a variety of sizes (8, 10 and 12) suitable for ladies and gents. In addition dependant on the size of the order gloves can be branded with a companies name at a nominal extra charge.