Protecting your vehicle

25 November 2010

Grass can have a long term detrimental effect on your vehicles performance and can even cause a critical failure if you ignore the problem. When traversing grassed sections of veld, it is recommended that you fit a seed net across the front of your grille to prevent grass seeds and husks from entering the radiator core. Initially these may simply cause overheating but in the long term it could lead to engine failure as the particles melt and fuse within the core thereby restricting airflow.

The net allows the passage of air through the grille but blocks seeds, husks and other particles. What’s more, it’s easy to fit and does not take up much space when not in use. For added durability the edges of the net are bound with long lasting anti abrasion polyester webbing.

Fitting the net is very easy and does not take much time. The net comes with stretchable shock cords, each attached with its own “J” hook. One simply positions the net then stretches the cords and attaches them to the underside of the vehicle and in the engine compartment to ensure a snug fit. When first using the net, one may want to try a variety of attachment points until you are sure that you have the best fit. Thereafter, once you have adjusted the length of stretchable cord to fit the chosen attachment point you simply knot it after the “J” hook and cut off excess cord. Retail packs contain full fitting instructions which can also be downloaded at

The net is competitively priced but is a valuable piece of equipment when travelling off-road as it really does provide protection for your vehicle.

The nets are available in three sizes to suit any vehicle, namely, 500mmX 800mm, 800mm x1000mm and 1000x1200mm and SecureTech are happy to custom make nets to any size or design, they also suggest that you always travel with two nets in case one gets torn or clogged.

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