Quad bike recovery

24 August 2011

One has a tremendous amount of fun on a quad bike but often underestimates the weight and size of the beast, especially when you get it really bogged down in deep mud or extremely soft sand-then it’s no longer much fun

That’s when it starts to weigh a ton and the enjoyment goes out the window. Now thanks to SecureTech it just got a lot easier!

The Quad Recovery Kit produced by SecureTech really helps when you are in trouble. Designed for vehicle to vehicle recovery or self recovery if your ATV has a winch this kit has everything one needs to facilitate a safe painless recovery.

The kit is comprised of the following items:

  • A durable “Cordura” bag with heavy duty zip and adjustable straps for attachment to your quad or ATV.
  • Two 2000 Kg. rated alloy bow shackles.
  • Two 1500 Kg. recovery bridles to assist in attachment and spreading the load between anchor points, enabling a safer more controlled pull.
  • One Pull/Winch extension strap with a 2000 Kg. minimum breaking strength.
  • One Kinetic Snatch strap with a 1600 Kg. minimum breaking strength.

Obviously the pull strap with its lower elongation (5%) will be the first line of defence when attempting to extricate a stuck quad. The Kinetic strap with its greater elongation and kinetic energy will be used in cases where quads are badly stuck and the kinetic capability is required.

When using the kit all the normal safety procedures applicable to 4x4 vehicle recovery should be followed, these are downloadable at www.liftlash.co.za .In addition Securetech recommend that a SecureTech Recovery Blanket be used