Recovery safety items from SecureTech

21 September 2010

Recovery is a dangerous business and all too often pictures are posted on the internet showing a recovery failure, often with disastrous consequences.

After considerable testing and evaluation of product in the market place SecureTech have recently released a variety of products aimed at making recovery much safer and reducing the risk of injury or damage to vehicles.

One was always taught to “dampen” a winch cable or strap when facilitating a recovery by wrapping another strap around the cable or strap or even using a jacket, however these are not necessarily the ideal solution to the problem and may not be effective in the event of a failure. However SecureTech have introduced a clever little recovery blanket which is flat and easy to store, made from bright orange PVC and sporting the necessary safety warnings it is simple and easy to use. The blanket goes over the rope or cable after filling the pocket on the underside with sand, should a failure occur this is adequate to dampen the cable or strap. Ideally two blankets should be used in a vehicle to vehicle situation or between a single vehicle and an anchor point.

In the past one often used a drag chain to balance out a recovery by distributing the force to two anchor points on the chassis; this worked well but as the chain did not have any give shock was often transferred to the recovery vehicle. To solve this problem SecureTech have come up with a recovery bridle which is made from low elongation, high tenacity polyester webbing which is softer on vehicles in the case of a rebound.

The bridle is generally used in conjunction with two safety lanyards made of similar material which is threaded over the bridle on each side ensuring that the bridle will be dampened in the event of failure of a recovery point or shackle.

Lanyards are also used when recovering from a single point for added safety! As with all recovery SecureTech can not place enough emphasis on safety; gloves should be worn at all time and no one should step over a cable or strap when under tension! All spectators should be a safe distance from the recovery before it takes place.