Safe and secure with a Cargo Net

29 March 2011

We all remember the old days when Gran would go to the hairdresser for a purple rinse and after liberal amounts of hairspray apply a hairnet. The combination even in a gale force wind saw that not a hair moved or was out of place.

Similarly the Cargo Net from SECURETECH secures a load on a roof rack and if correctly used ensures that the load stays in place and will not shift even when off-road. Obviously one should pack heavier stuff lower down so as not to affect your centre of gravity, but you can vastly increase your carrying capacity by carrying lighter equipment on your roof rack.

Made of durable high-tensile polyester webbing the net is 1000mm x 900mm with a grid size of 100mm x 100mm, with 14 anchor straps your goods are sure of being held in place.Tthe lightweight duckbill cam fasteners secure the load and will not slip. In addition the round heavy duty rings on the corners allow you to position the corner straps in an optimal position be it to the side, the front or rear of the rack. This also ensures that the webbing stays flat and does not twist.

The Cargo Nets are also available in a configuration designed especially for roof racks