Simple yet effective - the spare wheel tie down

25 October 2010

Often when travelling to the more remote parts of Africa one wants to take an extra tyre or tyre and rim which in some cases can turn out to be problematic if your vehicle does not have an additional aftermarket spare wheel holder – and one knows those accessories come at a cost!

Understanding customer needs is critical and the chaps at SecureTech do just that, they know that this requirement could be an annual or bi-annual trip beyond our borders so they set out to develop a simple, practical solution – the spare wheel tie down. And it’s cost effective on top of that!

Three straps with three bar adjusters joined by a centre ring secure the tyre to a roof rack, the device is finally tensioned by a ratchet and you are ready to go. The beauty of the device is that it can be moved around on one’s roof rack without the need to drill extra holes or attach mounting points. From a security perspective it can be ordered with a length of plastic encapsulated hardened chain.

The tie down can handle a full range of tyre sizes and in the case of smaller tyres will even be able to secure more than one .If required longer load straps can be ordered to fit up to 33” tyres. It not only solves the problem of taking along an extra tyre but it’s quick, easy to use and stores easily when not in use. In addition the tie down can also be used to secure any other oval or round load such as a skottel braai.

Click here to view the spare wheel tie down.