Snowed under? Snow Chains from SECURETECH

17 March 2011

Snow chains are generally sold in pairs, if you only have two snow chains fit them to your front wheels as they will reduce slip and help you with steering control. Your front wheels will push snow to the sides and compact the surface which greatly assists your rear wheels grip. Alternatively each wheel can be fitted with a snow chain thereby improving traction with the road surface.

As the surface off-road has less risk of being icy and slippery when compared to tar, off-road driving in snow is less tricky however hard gravel roads should be respected as they may also be icy under the snows. This is where the chain helps as it literally breaks the ice thereby gaining grip. One should also be extremely cautious as there may be rocks, ruts or other debris under the snow when off-road.

With the rising popularity of “snow tours” conducted by many tour guides to the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, fitments centres are generally inundated with requests for chains around April of any given year. “Well we turned to Europe for a solution”, says Michael Green, MD of SECURETECH. “Due to their icy, snowy conditions they have perfected the design and manufacture of chains for all vehicles, why try and reinvent the wheel locally?” says Green.

SECURETECH now stock and import a range of well priced snow chains, suitable for most Bakkies, 4x4’s and SUV’s available in the South African market. The chains come as a pair, packed in a handy carry bag. Fitment is easy and takes a few minutes, one does not even have to remove a wheel, the chain literally wraps around the wheel and is tensioned to the on the outside of the wheel, after all slack is taken up the tensioning chain is secured and one is ready to tackle the snow. Benefits are;

  • The chains are practical and robust.
  • The 4,5mm square shaped chain links offer superior grip when compared to conventional round chain.
  • Fit is compact with no slack.
  • The chains will not foul within wheel arches as there is adequate clearance.
  • They can also be used on rear wheel drive 4x2 vehicles.
Snow chains for your 4x4
Snow Chains from SECURETECH for your 4x4
Snow Chains
Close of up of snow chains

Fitting Snow Chains

Fitting snow chains

Snow Chains come in pairs

Snow chains come in pairs with a carry bag