Sound advice!

16 February 2011

One only has to walk into the Matrix Sound premises to realise that you are dealing with consummate professionals. They offer a dedicated service and a “total solutions” package when staging an event.

“There are numerous statutory requirements and approvals behind the scenes for any event. Our backup is the service and advice we get from a brand well known to Off-Roaders as SecureTech. They come to the party without fail when a problem arises. Their knowledge of materials, rigging, tolerances and technical specifications is second to none. Safety files are compiled and inspected, we do not cut corners or compromise”, says Managing Director Trevor Peters!

“I have been dealing with SecureTech for the past fifteen years and have and am happy to say that I have enjoyed consistently good service over that period. Michael Green’s extensive knowledge of industry and the laws that govern it adds huge value to the high quality products that we have come to expect from the company. The entertainment industry is very demanding and is becoming very regulated, our relationship with SecureTech means that we not only have the correct equipment on events but also a wealth of knowledge, contacts and advice that we are able to tap into. That is something which you cannot put a price tag on”, says Peters.