Specialist Product training from SecureTech

30 May 2011

“Whilst we are happy to sell our products, we love showing people exactly how to use them.” says SecureTech MD. Michael Green.

With that in mind SecureTech recently hosted a training day at the De Rust Outdoor Centre near the Hartebeespoort dam for some of its key retail outlets, a group of 4x4 instructors from the Motor Industry, as well as the Four Wheel Drive Club of South Africa.

After an in depth classroom session delegates went outdoors to the training tracks where a variety of exercises were set up and explained. Thereafter the group moved to safe viewing points and live demonstrations took place.

All the basic situations were covered and the delegates were able to examine the attachment of equipment as well as ask any questions.” All in all the session proved to be invaluable, everyone left with a good understanding of the dynamics of recovery and the equipment we supply”, says Green.

The day presented the opportunity to showcase some newer additions to the range as well as products under development. “Safety is a critical component of any recovery” say Green.” As such we wanted to be sure that all delegates who attended the session understood the use of our recovery safety items”.

The Lanyard, Bridle and Recovery Blanket featured in all exercises, the purpose and technique being explained and demonstrated throughout the day.>

After lunch the group was taken through the safe technique applicable to a Hi-Lift Jack as well as attaching it to a vehicle. Thereafter a demonstration followed on the much underrated Hand Winch. Then the highlight of the day took place –the simulation of a recovery failure. Under strictly supervised conditions, a failure was demonstrated using a link designed to fail under stress. This was demonstrated using a Kinetic Rope as well as a Kinetic Strap, with a shackle attached in both cases. On failure of the link, the strap and rope catapulted in the direction of a loose vehicle bonnet set up to demonstrate the damage that could take place in the event of a failure. Finally a Lanyard was used to arrest the failure and the strap did not catapult through the air but simply dropped to the ground. At the end of the session the bonnet was unusable-testimony to the force of a strap or rope that could come adrift.