The Super Siphon

24 May 2011

At some time in your life you may need to siphon fuel from one tank to another or even from a Jerry Can. For those of you who have never had to siphon fuel, it’s a relatively easy process. All you need is a clear nylon tube which you insert into the Jerry Can or tank. Thereafter you simply suck on the tube to create a vacuum which gets the fuel flowing. As it nears your mouth transfer the end into the tank that you intend to fill. As simple as that! Yes, except for the common drawback, one generally gets a mouthful of noxious fuel which can be dangerous.

Well those days are over; now using the Super Siphon from Securetech one can transfer fuel between two containers. Simply shaking the Super Siphon mechanism in an “up down” fashion ensures a constant flow of fuel. The unique two part spark resistant brass siphon mechanism, with stainless steel spring and “A” grade glass ball does all the work, creating a vacuum ensuring the flow of fuel.

The clear UV stabilised solvent resistant hose enables you to monitor the flow of liquid from the source container to the tank that needs to be filled. The Super Siphon is suitable for transferring water, paraffin, petrol, diesel, two stroke premix and even aviation fuel. The unit is available ex stock in lengths from 1.5metres to 3.0 metres; on request longer units can be ordered. Siphoning has never been easier or safer!