Load Ring for bolting VLBG

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The RUD lifting ring VLBG can be turned by 360°, aligned to the direction of pull, the load ring can be tilted, guaranteeing full WLL in all load directions. Complete with a 100% crack detected hexagon insert socket screw for universal use of tools. The maximum lengths of the screws are adjusted in a way that a material thickness of abt. 8xM (with M8 to M30) or 5xM (with M36 to M48) can be mounted by using a hexagon nut (ISO 7084/7090).

load ring for bolting
Load Ring for bolting

The Load ring is stowable and pivots in all directions. The load ring must be flexible and adjusted to the load direction before being loaded. Ensure that there is no contact between the ring and the edges of the work piece. Avoid swiveling under full load.

A single threaded hole or a through hole is necessary. A very small construction. Work piece material, at least 1.0037 (St 37).

Choose the attachment points in such a way that the introduced forces are accommodated by the base material without being deformed.

For light metals, nonferrous heavy metals and grey cast iron, the thread type allocation must be done in such a way that, the WLL of the thread type fulfills the requirements of the respective work piece. Make sure the bolting surface (N) is plane.

Product Code: VLBG