VMVK Fitting and Handling

Pull loose chain strand through the crucifix. Secure the chain in the locking pocket at the required position and drive in the retaining pin A . Thus the multi shortening clawisfixedintheVIPchainstrand. It is preferable to fit and secure the claw on the third chain link down from the suspension link for maximum adjustment. Slide the chain into the slot and secure.

In a loosened condition, insert the required link of the to be loaded slack chain leg into the pocket support 1 . Pull down the chain leg and press the secu- ringbolt 3.Thesecuringbolt locks automatically. Check the locking. To unlock reverse the above procedure while simulta- neously pressing the securing bolt 3.

If the VMVK or BSEK is used without securing bolt the chain must always be completely seated in the locking slot B ! When pulling/lifting the shorte- nedchainassemblyattention must be paid to ensure that the chain remains in the locking slot!