Wll Triple/Quad Legs

McKINNON CHAIN complies fully with SABS 7593 for “Instant” assembled chain slings and to SABS4778 for “Welded” chain sling assemblies, and with the requirements of EN 818 - 1 & 4.

McKINNON ALLOY Chain is designed and manufactured primarily for Chain Slings for lifting and load handling purposes and it is recommended that only MAX-ALLOY Gr8 Slings be used in those cases where the protection of personnel and equipment is of paramount importance. In deciding on the size of Chain Sling required, very careful consideration must be given to the angle of inclination between the Chains at the point of suspension and particularly in the case of choke hitches (). As this angle increases, there is a decrease in the Working load Limit of the Chain Sling as shown in the tabulations on these pages. Use the widest included angle between any 2 legs to establish the applicable WLL.