Cambuckle System – 750kg

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Cambuckle, Twisted Snap Hook, Flat Anchor Lug

01152 Cambuckle Systems 750 kg

  • Choice of four systems
  • Choice of buckle finishes
  • Endless or two part versions
  • 25 mm wide polyester webbing
  • Anti – abrasion protection available
  • Anti cutting protection available


Two Part Endless
Minimum break strength (MBS)750kg
Rated assembly strength375kg)750kg
Buckle material: Steel/Zinc alloy
Buckle finish: Zinc plated and passivated


Code DescriptionMaterialsFinish MBS (kg)
01224Twisted Snap Hook Steel Zinc plate 1000
01298Wire Hook Steel Zinc plate pass 500
01248-01 25mm Hook Steel Zinc plate pass 500
01248-02 25mm Keeper Hook Steel Zinc plate pass 500
01414 Flat Anchor Lug Steel Zinc plate pass 500
L 100mm loop
Product Code: #01152
Cambuckle, Wire Hook, Keeper Hook

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