Double Adjustable Loop Chain Sling

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Chain Slings are ideal for lifting and load handling purposes in a rugged environment. The chains suffer less abrasion compared to flat strop slings. Where the protection of personnel and equipment is of paramount importance only MAX-ALLOY Gr8 Slings should be used.

The size of the chain sling required is very important and needs to the be the correct length for the load and angle of inclination between the chains at the point of suspension. If you are not sure, please call us on 0861 040506 and we can discuss the best solution for your requirements.

Loop Chain Slings


Working Load Limits(WLL) in Metric Tons

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Symbol WLL applies to both rectangle and circular loads.

Symbol indicates nip angle - which must not exceed 120°

N.B. When a Grab Hook is used as the end fitting the Working Load Limit will be the same as for Choke Hitch. These maximum Working Load Limits apply to chain and chain slings used under ideal service conditions.

Where service conditions are less than ideal, the WLL may not apply in which case it will be necessary to to select a larger size chain to suit the assessed working conditions.

Wll Triple/Quad Legs

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McKINNON CHAIN complies fully with SABS 7593 for “Instant” assembled chain slings and to SABS4778 for “Welded” chain sling assemblies, and with the requirements of EN 818 - 1 & 4.

McKINNON ALLOY Chain is designed and manufactured primarily for Chain Slings for lifting and load handling purposes and it is recommended that only MAX-ALLOY Gr8 Slings be used in those cases where the protection of personnel and equipment is of paramount importance. In deciding on the size of Chain Sling required, very careful consideration must be given to the angle of inclination between the Chains at the point of suspension and particularly in the case of choke hitches (). As this angle increases, there is a decrease in the Working load Limit of the Chain Sling as shown in the tabulations on these pages. Use the widest included angle between any 2 legs to establish the applicable WLL.

Effects of hazardous conditions:

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Extreme heat conditions

The strength of all chains is adversely affected by heat and care must be exercised when using chain slings at elevated temperatures. Where the temperatures are likely to be higher than 200°C it will be necessary to derate the usual WLL.

Heat treatment

MAX-ALLOY Gr8 chains and fittings do not require periodic heat treatment and must never be reheat-treated other than by McKinnon Chain.

Surface coating

McKinnon Alloy 800 slings should not be galvanised or subject to other plating processes without the express approval of the manufacturer. Please contact you Mckinnon Alloy distributor for detailed recommendations.

Corrosive conditions

Chain and attachements should not be used in an acid or other corrosive enviroments. If a sling is inadvertently exposed to acid or alkali, even for a short period, it must be withdrawn from servise and referred to McKinnon Chain.

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