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"All the LIFTKET electric hoists incorporate the LIFTKET special safety clutch- brake system. The sliding clutch is located between motor and brake in such way that the brake will hold the load safely even if the clutch is totally worn. LIFTKET electric chain hoists are known to have an ultra low headroom and therefore provide the maximum height of lift.

They run very quietly due to the helical gears made from the highest quality steel and they are light- weight because their special aluminium casing. All LIFTKET electric chain hoists can be suspended on suspension eyes or delivered with push or electric trolleys. For maximum lifting height all LIFTKET hoists can be mounted on the top of the steel construction (foot assembly).

The list of optional items is very long indeed. For instance all products are available with low voltage control instead the direct control which comes as standard, encoders, load cells, double brake systems, variable speed by integra- ted frequency inverters are only some of the examples.

LIFTKET electric chain hoists are completely produced in Germany." -

Electric chain hoist, LIFTKET electric hoists
Electric Chain Hoists from SIS
Electric Chain Hoists

Counter weights might be required for double speed trolleys for special combinations of load capacity,flange width and type of control (max. weight 9.4kg)

Curve radius Trolley capacity min. curve radius
upto 1000kg 1.0m
upto 3200kg 1.5m
upto 6300kg 2.0m

Remark: For model 13/00X a curve radius is not allowed.

Please note:

  • Power supply 400V.3 3ph. 50Hz
  • Protection class lph54 / Insulation class F
  • Different voltage and frequency options available on request
  • Hoist weight will increase by approximately 2 kg if low voltage control is required
  • The hoist weight has been calculated for 3m height of lift
  • Height of lift 3.0m supplied as standard
  • Different heights of lift and control cable lenghts available on request
  • If heights of lift increases beyond 20m, SWL(SAfe Working Load) has to be reduced by the additional weight of the chain
  • Low voltage control will be supplied as standard on version 8.1/9.1 and 13

The technical data mentioned in the tables are approximate and subject to change

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