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Lashing Protection, Secureload Lashing Protection

Items for Lashing protection

Most SecureLoad Lashings can be specified with two types of protective sleeving to enhance their resistance to either abrasion or cutting. The sleeving, either seamless woven polyester or SecurePlus (a unique anti-cutting protection) is supplied in lengths, numbers of items required and location upon the lashing as illustrated in the diagram below. A plastic corner protector is available to protect the lashing against sharp corners.

Notes on choosing lashings

Generally, a Lashing is selected for its Minimum Break Strength, with the length and the type of end terminal being the other determining factors. The rated assembly strength of a SecureLoad Lashing 50% of the Minimum Break Strength. As a simple principle, the Cambuckle offers the lowest loadings, followed by Overcentre Buckles and finally Ratchet Systems in ascending order of pre-tensioning load. The Lashings are listed in this order in this catalogue to assist in ease of selection

Colours and finishes

The specific colours and finishes of the various components are more fully detailed on the individual section pages.

How to order LashingsOL

Having first selected the appropriate Minimum Break Strength, the lashing format must next be considered Here, there are two copies; Two-Part or Endless, with the possibility to specify the fixed and overall lengths of a Two-Part Lashing or the overall length of an Endless Lashing


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