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Quality engineered and performance tested chain block lever hoists

  • Lightweight and compact design of deep-drawn stamped-steel construction. Thick gear and brake covers that are resistant to external shock and able to work under extreme and arduous conditions.
  • Free-chaining feature. By simply engaging neutral, the load chain can be pulled freely through the hoist in both directions to attach the load or tension the chain. This feature meets all E.E.C. specifications.
  • Short hand lever with rubber grip that operates with little effort because of optimal gear ratio.
  • The free-chaining handle and stop handle are manufactured from durable, synthetic polyamide. They will not fracture when impacted, unlike cast steel components used on many other brands.
  • The automatic self-adjusting screw and disc-type load brake provides instantaneous brake and reliable action,holding the load securely in any position. Even when free- chaining, the brake will automatically function if load is applied to the bottom hook.
  • Durable, heat-treated, compact and convenient hooks that, swivel 360 degrees. Top and bottom hooks are drop- forged and are fracture-resistant, When overloaded they will open gradually as a safety indicator, rather than reaching ultimate breaking strength and dropping the load.
  • Unique “Latch” forged safety latches fitted to top and bottom hooks can withstand up to 30 percent side loading.
  • Free-chaining stop handle to prevent failure due to exessive lowering and provides easy grip to take up chain slack with the free chaining facility.
  • World-renowned ultra-strong electroplated load chain to resist wear and corrosion.

Our Lever Hoists and chain blocks have been proven and tested in South African Mines

Capacity for the lever hoist
Capacity in KG for the Lever Hoist

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