ICE-LBG-SR - ICE-Lastbock-Gewinde-SUPER ROTATION® thread metric

Product enquiry

New! We have got the knack for the popular VLBG series – in Colour ICE-Pink.

Maintaining the design, without changing the old mounting sizes of the common VLBG – can be rotated under full load in all directions. Whether vertical to the top or under 90°C to the mounted bolt – the special ball bearing arranged in a double way transfers the forces of the WLL into a rotation movement without jerks, avoiding an unintentional unbolting of the fastening bolt.

The ICE-bolts, made of fine grain steel, in addition guarantee high static and dynamic strength with smallest bolt diameter. ICE-LBG-SR SUPER ROTATION® with double SR-ball-bearing, manufactured by RUD. MADE IN GERMANY.

State-of-the art turning and mounting machines assure safer benefit. Essential components of the ICE-LBG-SR have been applied for industrial property rights.

  • Double SR-ball-bearing and ICE-bolt allow new dimensions – complete force application in any direction.
  • First lifting point with unsymmetrical force application rotating under load:
    1. For turning, rotating and tilting of all loads.
    2. No unintentional loosening of fastening bolt.
    3. Tested min. 5,000 rotations
  • Powder coating ICE Pink with overheat indicator.
  • Tested acc. to acceptance conditions GS OA 15-04
  • ICE-bolt made of patented steel with strength features increased by up to 40 % - even at -60 °C.
  • Bolt cannot be lost, however, be replaced; special surface protection CORRUD-DT. Corrosion protection is increased by minimum 20 x compared to galvanization.
  • Sealing of bearing avoids unintentional rotation movements and therefore provides noise reduction.
  • All load bearing components are 100 % crack-tested.
  • Suspension bracket with
    1. . ...clamping spring, noise reduction and maintaining the required direction.
    2. . ...round sling saving support favouring the WLL.
    3. . ...patented wear lenses to easily determine the replacement state of wear.
  • Essential product features of the ICE-LBG-SR have been applied for industrial property rights.

Available for working load limits from 300 kgs to 20 000 kgs