Load Positioners from Caldwell Renfroe

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Civil engineering and building, load positioners:

  • Clamps for lifting concrete manholes, pipes, drums and laying kerbstones
  • Hooks for lifting pipes
  • Pallet puller
  • Lifting of unbalanced loads and research of centre of gravity
  • Load positioner for chain sling
  • Drum clamp for lifting and revolving
  • Drum cable hook
  • Load positioner for wire rope sling
  • Fork Lift attachment

Clamp for Lifting Concrete manholes, horizontal pipes, laying kerbstones

Lifting Positioners - pallet puller, positioner for wire rope sling

Hook for lifting steel, cast pipes, load position for chain sling, drum cable hook, load positioned for wire rope sling

Drum Clamp: vertical lifting, lifting & revolving, horizontal lifting

Lift fork attachment

Product Code: LoadPositioners

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