Machine moving skates F3 + L3

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Machine moving skates
  • F series transport trolleys: Flexible on rollers.
  • L series transport trolleys: Guiding loads safely.
  • F + L: the perfect solution for safe transport.
    Every F/L3 to F/L25 and TAN-DEM TL 6 and TL 12 trolley is power coated and absolutely impact resistant, with an outstanding appearance and long service life. For safe operation all F-models should be used with the connecting rods in place

F3 + L3 for heavy loads up to 6 tonnes

Technical Data F3 L3
Item number 10206 10207
Load Capacity 30 kN (3t) 30 kN (3t)
4 load-bearing rollers 85x85mm. installation height110mm 110mm
Contact Surface area Casette 150 x 150 mm
Spacer Rod, Adjustable 300 - 1000 mm
Turn table Ø 170mm with thrust bearing, steering angle ± 90 °
Steering Rod 950 mm
Overall Dimensions (L+W) 270 x 230 mmm
Tare Weight 15 kg 12 kg
Total load capacity model F3 + L3 60 kN (6t)