Pal Turn - System for load turnover

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When manufacturing or using on sides, the turning and handling of heavy and/or bulky loads is difficult and dangerous. How then is it possible to safely prevent shocks and damage such as scratches, deformation etc. when:

  • controls and inspections are being made for quality
  • machining, assembling, finishing and marking pieces....
  • handling
  • Special Industrial Supplies offers PAL-TURN, a new uniform range of several systems for load turnover with fixed or adjustable lengths.
    Flexible use, readily available, reliable and almost without any maintenance, the PAL-TURN system meets the needs of tomorrow’s handling.

Pal Turn, System for load turnover


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The PAL-TURN system is made of a tube rotated by a gearmotor. Pulleys protected by casings are set at both ends and move straps. A control button box enables the functioning of the systems.


In conformance to CE and FEM regulations, the PAL-TURN system for load turnover offers maximum safety. PAT-TURN, a product of modern technology is designed with lightweight in mind and requires almost no servicing.


  • Customized length
  • Adjustable model with multiple pulley location and locking system in position in conformance to safety regulations
  • Length may be modified following customer’s needs in Special industrial Supplies’ workshop.


  • Detection of slanting arrangement preventing unbalanced operation.
  • Various strap types
  • Autonomous system for sites (2t)

For the adjustable model, the standard adjusting increment is 100mm
(please consult us for other increments)


Adjustable turnover system for load of 5 tonnes and maximum strap centre distance of 1,600mm

Adjustable system: PTR 5-1600 / Fixed system: PTF 5-1600

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