SMILEY Lashing Point - (the Ro/Ro Lashing Point)

Product enquiry

● Lashing- and connection device at road vehicles for sea transport on Ro/Ro ships.
● Lashing point forged in one piece, noiseless
● 100% crack detected
● acc. to EN 29367-2, Resistance charakteristics with a proof force = 120 kN and a breaking force = 200 kN
● Simple attachment with three bolts M12, quality 10.9
● Surface: galvanized
● Shapely design, appropriate to the load
● Lightweight construction
● Suitable for all common lashing means
● The force contact point at the bracket has been chosen in such a way that the direction of load is in the centre of grafity of the bolts.
Advantage: Minimizing the load of the bolte, use of a smaller bolt dimension.


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