SpanSet Dynamic Load-System

Product enquiry
The new " Dynamic Load-System" belongs to the product line of EasyLash-lashing systems.

Packed Coils


The system consists of the following components:

  • Ratchet 35 mm with wide handle, breaking load 3.000 daN
  • EasyLash-adapter 35 mm, yellow surface (D037571 - complete system)
  • EasyLash-belt 40 mm, breaking load 5.000 daN, colour orange (D020215)

The system has a minimum breaking load of 6000 daN on strapping!

Applications and references:

The system is excellent e. g. suitable for load securing of coils in ships.

In 2012 POSCO from South Korea was the fifth biggest producer of steel in the world. The Dutch army also uses this system.

On packed coils the Dynamic Load-System can be used easily without any protective sleeve (Packed Coils picture).

On unpacked coils a protective sleeve is mandatory (Unpacked Coils picture). Here you can see the combination of Dynamic Load -system and SpanSet protective sleeves. Click here to view SpanSet protective sleeves

Unpacked Coils