SpanSet NoCut pad

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Suitable for all SpanSet hoisting and round slings

protective sleeve for lifting slings
NoCut pad consists of a cut resistant fabric sleeve and harness to fasten to the lifting gear.
sling protection
The NoCut pad is fixed to the lifting gear by its attachment elements.

NoCut®sleeve is a woven protective hose for lifting straps and round slings. The HMPE protective hose is simply slid over the lifting tackle and placed onto the sharp edge of the load to protect the lifting tackle. To protect the lifting tackle, the fabric - reinforced hose can be optionally used for lifting straps acc. to Figure 1 and for round slings acc. to Figure 3. Upon request, the single strands of a round sling can also be fitted with NoCut®sleeve acc. to Figure 5.

The hose construction with all around equal cut resistance enables high operating life simultaneously offering highest operational reliability because improper operations are excluded. The label with handling instructions and clear identification sewed to the NoCut®sleeve also adds to operational reliability.

NoCut®sleeve is constructed with a fabric rib on both sides. Cut resistance is enhanced by the outside rib construction and inside it facilitates sliding of the lifting tackle in the hose thus enabling twisting and turning sharp edged loads.

The HMPE material allows employment of NoCut®sleeve in a temperature range of -40 °C up to +60 °C. NoCut®sleeve is delivered as prefabricated cut with trimmed ends.

The protective hoses are standard offered with lengths of 250 mm steps and widths of 45 mm up to 315 mm.

NoCut®pad is the combination of NoCut®sleeve with an internal fabric web that has fastening elements on both ends. The NoCut®pad model range offers the user two alternatives to fasten the protective plate to the lifting tackle: hook and loop fastener  1  or 2-piece metal buckle 2 (frame or triple web).

NoCut®pad is mounted there where the lifting tackle lies flat against the sharp edge. This means for the user: High flexibility, little materials used and high safety when handling sharp-edged loads. The size of the edge protection can be exactly dimensioned for the danger area and precisely po- sitioned on the sharp edge. Although NoCut®pads normally come in short lengths, there are additional attachment slings 3 for the longer variants.

NoCut®pad is offered as 2-layer or 4-layer type. This multilayer design achieves an extremely high level of cut protection and offers the user enormous options also for critical lifting processes. Like the sleeve, the NoCut®pad has a label that states the most important handling instructions and general product information.

Use of the HMPE material allows the user to use the textile protective plate in temperature ranges from -40 °C up to +60 °C. NoCut®pads are standard produced in lengths from 500 mm on rising up to a length of 1,500 mm in 250 mm steps.

All SpanSet lifting straps and round slings can be protected against sharp edges using NoCut®pad. Even the extremely compact Magnum-X round sling can be used with the protective plates up to a load capacity of 30 tonnes.

sling protector
SpanSet PowerSTAR hoisting sleeve with a mounted NoCut pad.