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Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG

Star shaped design. A clear distinction from the DIN 582 eye nut. Color : A striking fluorescent pink powder coating.

Identification : Clear WLL indication for the most unfavorable load direction F (not permissible for DIN 582). Forged mateterial 1.6541, high tensile and annealed, 100% electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1 and with a 4 :1 design factor.

In a tightened condition, the VRS must swivel 360° . Adjust the VRS to the direction of pull, before attaching the lifting means. The WLL values are only valid in connection with quality class 10.9 threaded bolts. The threads of the nut must exactly engage the bolt threads. The mounted thread pin must ensure a perfect fitting of the seat - engaging surface of the eye nut onto the work piece.

Starpoint Eye Nut

Eye nuts, whose nut inserts do not perfectly lie on to the work piece should never be loaded. Not suitable for swiveling under load.

Impact loaded or when operated in environments with vibrations, unintentional loosening can happen. Securing possibilities: Use of a liquid thread securing medium eg. Loctite ( follow the manufacturer´s recomendations).

  • The body of the STARPOINT nut must be turnable 360° in bolted condition. Adjust in pull direction before attaching the sling means.
  • A plane bolting surface has to be assured. The nut thread must be engaged to 100 % with the bolt thread. The thread pin mounted must allow a perfect seat of the surface of the eye nut to the bolting surface.
  • Sizes of VRM - see drawing VRS-StarPoint, page 16. Size „L“ corresponds with the minimum length of the bolt thread.
  • In case of flipping fixtures dies and molds, under full load, we recommend to use our double ball bearing power point collection.
  • The given WLL is only valid in connection with threaded bolts of at least quality class 10.9.
Product Code: VRM