VIP Lifting Chains (black Corrud-DS coated)

Product enquiry

VIP RUD lifting chains with a Corrud-DS-black coated surface are approximately 20 times more red rust resistant than the zinc plated ones and are manufactured with tighter tolerances in the inner width (size B, as shown below).

Material: CrNiMo-high grade steel, specially hardened and tempere high toughness

Benefits: Less sensitive to notching and hydrogen embrittlement than quality grade 8 and coated with Corrud-DS (black)

Approved by: RUD's special quality VIP lifting chains have been approved by BG. The BG authorised RUD to stamp their VIP chain strands with the following:

  • H1 indicating the manufacturer's number. 1=RUD.
  • 10 indicating special quality grade 10.

VIP lifting chains come with a WLL of 630kg to 4000kg.

Corrud-DS coated lifting chain from RUD
Lifting chains from RUD
Nominal WLL 1:630 kg
Weight:0,38 kg
WLL (α=90°- 120°):630 kg
T:12 mm
A:4 mm
B:5,2 mm
Nominal WLL 1:1500 kg
Weight:0,91 kg
WLL (α=90°- 120°):1500 kg
T:18 mm
A:6 mm
B:7,8 mm
Nominal WLL 1:2500 kg
Weight:1,56 kg
WLL (α=90°- 120°):2500 kg
T:24 mm
A:8 mm
B:10,4 mm
Nominal WLL 1:4000 kg
Weight:2,45 kg
WLL (α=90°- 120°):4000 kg
T:30 mm
A:10 mm
B:13 mm