Winch Lashing Systems (up to 4 tonnes)

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Winch Lashing System, Winch Lashings

Winch lashing systems are required for all situations where heavy loads must be fastened with absolute security under conditions of high pre-tension; heavy loads on trailers, vehicles and cargo on board ships are examples of common applications. SecureLoad winch lashing systems incorporate materials selected for robustness, reality, strength and light weight. The shape of the winch is another feature designed to assist the ease of use of SecureLoad winch lashing systems in cramped conditions.

Strength and robustness

SecureLoad winch lashing systems are designed to withstand loads or up to 4 tonnes in straight pull and the winch has been carefully engineered to withstand rough handling.


Winches are supplied coated in red oxide. After bolting or welding, the winches can be painted to match the vehicle.

Webbing materials

The webbing employed in the SecureLoad winch lashing systems is based on the same polyester fibre which is used so successfully in SecureLoad lashings. It’s durability and high strength are enhanced by the specially formulated coating for increased life and abrasion resistance. Webbing requires visual inspection to ensure that cuts or other damage do not compromise the system’s strength.

Versatility, ease and safety in use

The extensive range of terminal fittings available enables virtually any lashing requirement to be met with the most suitable equipment. The winch may be welded or bolted directly to a deck or other structure. Winches can be used in pairs which are fixed on either side of the vehicle. Using this method, the only removable element is the webbing. The winches are tensioned manually either by spanner or ‘tommy bar’. The winch may be released without danger to operatives even under severe loads, such as may occur due to cargo movement at sea.

Low weight and small size

Despite their strength and robustness, SecureLoad winch lashing systems are light in weight which makes them easy to handle and does not contribute excessively to cargo tare weights. The small size of the winch makes the lashing systems easy to use in restricted space.

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